The teachers at Nefertiti Dance are:

Miss Nicky

Miss Nicky

Miss Nicky was born and raised in Hervey Bay and joined Nefertiti Dance in 2008.

Her childhood was immersed in music. Throughout her school years she was a member of the choir and strings ensemble after mastering the violin at a young age, performing regularly at events and functions, and competing at local eisteddfods.

Nicky studied advanced music into and throughout high school where she learnt a variety of musical histories and was able to experiment with a range of instruments. During her schooling years she was a part of her school's dancing group where she studied mainly contemporary dance and was able to showcase her skills successfully through a range of dance competitions.

Her active participation in the music realm was temporarily put on hold as she entered and completed her university studies. Nicky has a bachelor and masters degree in Education.

Nicky's love of dancing was re-sparked after seeing the colourful Nefertiti Dancers performing at a local event. Shortly after this she attended her first Nefertiti Dance class and fell in love with Middle Eastern style dancing. Her favourite dance styles are contemporary cabaret, bollywood and hoop dancing.

Nicky has been mastering the art of hoop dancing since 2009 and has employed a range of methods to further her skills. She performs regularly at a variety of events, festivals, functions, and talent quests.

She travels to the United States of America regularly where she attends Middle Eastern concerts as well as participates in hooping workshops.





Jameerah in Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Jameerah is a co-founder of the Nefertiti Middle Eastern Dance Group and while she no longer teaches or performs she remains an honorary member of our committee and maintains an active role in our social get-togethers.

Jameerah has been learning and performing Middle Eastern Dance since 1998, starting in Kununurra, in the remote north Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Jameerah moved to Hervey Bay in 2003, joining Faryha's Raks Sharqi 2004 which became Nefertiti Middle Eastern Dance in 2004 when Faryha retired.

Jameerah's favourite dance styles are veil, taqsim and cane.

She has a particular interest in the development of poise, posture and confidence in students.

In 2006 Jameerah successfully completed a 10 day teacher's training course at the Belyssa Academy of Danse Orientale in Perth.

She has completed a 3 day instructor's course with the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER), including safe technique.

In September and October 2006 Jameerah participated in a cultural tour of Turkey, where she was able to experience Turkish dance styles first hand, and where she also taught a dance workshop. She travelled to Egypt in 2008 and 2010

Jameerah is a qualified adult educator, community developer and university academic. She brings these skills into her dance teaching.

Jameerah has extended her knowledge of Middle Eastern dance by undertaking workshops with:

  • Keti Sharif (Egypt and W.A.)
  • Ayehsa (Perth)
  • Hossam and Serene Ramsy (Egypt)
  • Donna Stefanovic
  • Lorelle Hawes (Brisbane)
  • Leonie Sukan (Sydney)
  • Ayelet Ashkar (Byron Bay)
  • Tamara Taylor (Brisbane)
  • Liza Laziza (Cairo)
  • Jenika
  • Safaa Farid
  • Shamira (Adelaide)
  • Nirvana
  • Sabaya
  • Lubna Emam (Egypt)
  • Maya
  • Belyssa (Perth)
  • Margaret Cunningham (Brisbane)
  • Hadia (Canada)
  • Caroline Evanoff (Cairo)
  • Amir Nadir (Dof Training)
  • Randa Kamel (Egypt)
  • Päivi Mielikäinen of Farrah (Sydney)
  • Yasmina (Cairo)
  • Jehan Larazra
  • Safaa Farid - Arabic Singing (Cairo)
  • Mohamed Kazafhy (Egypt)
  • Trisnasari (Underbelly - Melbourne)
  • Amina (Cairo)
  • Jrisi
  • Paivi Melaikanen












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