About our Classes

Below are listed the classes we offer. Please contact us if you would like to know more, including the cost, or to ask any other questions about any classes. If you attend 9 classes you get the 10th one free!


All Levels Class 'All Levels' Class

Thursdays 6.30pm

This is our longest running class, and as the name suggests has beginner through to more advanced students attending. This class is mainly for adults, however we welcome students from 8 years up (with guardian supervision).

This class focuses on teaching and building upon technique to put together choreographed dances. The 'All Levels' class caters for all levels from beginners to more advanced students. It really doesn't matter if you have three left feet - just come along and join the fun!



Tiny Tots Class 'Kids' Class

Wednesdays 4.00pm

Combining movement, dance basics and music. A great way to build gross motor skills, co-ordination and socialisation skills from a young age whilst having fun dancing.

The main emphasis of these classes is fun! The kids are taught in a friendly environment in a way that they learn rhythm, coordination and also the ability to build their confidence with new dancing skills.

Senior  and Beginner Level Adults Class 'Senior Adults' Class

Mondays 1.00pm

This class is for the more mature adult and those that are just starting out in the world of dance. Don't worry if you have never danced before, we can help you find your way in no time. We will focus on improving your strength and flexibility through fun dancing moves.

Movement is life and by taking some time each week to enjoy our friendly classes you will find a new you!


What to wear/bring:

You do not need any special clothes or 'gear'. You only need:

Dance Practice Class:

Dance Practice class is designed primarily for students who want to perform in public. The class teaches performance technique in addition to practising choreographies and the focus is on upcoming performances. Any student who wishes to perform must attend this class regularly.

All students are welcome to join this class, even if they would just like to practise dances, without wishing to perform. We do not pressure students to perform; it is up to you if and when you feel ready.


Private tuition:

Private one-on-one or small group tuition is available on request. This can be very helpful to beginning students, or students wanting to focus on a particular area of technique. Please contact us for details.


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